Burg Wachter Esprit Plastic Post Box - Silver 4912Si (Discontinued)

Product Description

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Burg Wachter Esprit Post Box - Silver 4912Si

  • Modern design

  • Available in the colours white and silver

  • Mountable at every exterior wall

  • Extremely weather protected

  • Checked according to EN 13724

  • With snap-in mechanism – door only needs to be pushed back for locking

  • With opening stop

  • Insertion format DIN C4

    (W x H: 261 x 34 mm)

  • Measurements H x W x D: 475 x 290 x 145 mm

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Esprit: The letter box with a dynamic shape

The Esprit has a modern appearance and is made of weather resistant plastic.  The practical snap-in mechanism of the door means the key can be pulled out and the door can simply be pushed back for closing. Furthermore, it is checked according to EN 13724.

Modernly shaped and ideally constructed

The plastic letter box Esprit from BURG WACHTER is especially suitable for all who appreciate minimalistic and modern design and at the same time do not want to renounce functionality. The flat construction adjusts optically to almost every exterior wall.
The Esprit model of letter box is available in the colours white and silver.

The letter box design also scores when it comes to functionality: The DIN C4 format of the insertion slot and the opening stop of the door make inserting and collecting your post effortless. Particularly the locking of the door makes collecting your letters simple task -  Simply push back the door – due to the snap-in mechanism, no key for locking is needed.

If required a matching newspaper box can be purchased separately. 

High-quality plastic material: Easy to clean

As with all our plastic letter boxes, the Esprit is especially weatherproof and its surface is very hard-wearing. For cleaning, you simply use a wet, clean cloth.

Tips for mounting

Even though the Esprit is especially weatherproof, BURG WACHTER recommends mounting it in a weather protected outside area to assure optimal durability.
If you prefer to locate your letter box elsewhere, a compatible letter box stand can be purchased separately.