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x Burg Wachter Leipzig Post Box Brown 778BR

Burg Wachter Leipzig Post Box Brown 778BR

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Burg Wachter Leipzig Post Box Brown 778BR 

  • Made of galvanised steel

  • Conforms to EN 13724

  • Spacious design

  • In a vertical format

  • With rear insertion flap

  • Available in the colours white and brown

  • Insertion format DIN C4  (W x H: 252 x 30 mm)

  • Measurements H x W x D: 397 x 284 x 104 mm

The Leipzig Letter Box for Fence Fixing in a vertical format

Make delivering and collecting your post more easy and convenient with a letter box for fence fixing from BURG-WACHTER.

The Leipzig model in a vertical format is made of steel and is all-over galvanised – ideal attributes for outdoor mounting.

Designed in a vertical format

The simple and straight-lined shaping of the Leipzig offers space and protection for your post and newspapers. The rear insertion flap and the format DIN C4 ease the insertion and the built-in opening stop of the door ensures easy collection of your post.
The design is available in two coloured versions, white or brown.

The Leipzig also conforms to the EN 13724 Standard for Post Boxes.

Steel material all-over galvanised

This steel letter box with all-over galvanisation is weather-resistant and protects material and post reliably at any time.
There is not much you need to do to maintain the design and functionality of your letter box: Simply wet a clean cloth and wipe the surface.


Info: All fence letter boxes are also suitable for mounting at the inside surface of the door and are thus usable as a “through the wall” letter box. The insertion flap on the backside can easily be removed.