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x Burg Wachter Venezia Post Box - Cast Aluminium 1899 (White)

Burg Wachter Venezia Post Box - Cast Aluminium 1899 (White)

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Venezia: Mediterranean flair and natural elegance

Who says that sturdy material cannot be elegant? The Venezia cast aluminium with antique, Mediterranean flair meets every requirement in terms of form and function.

Filigree design in the style of the south

The finely manufactured design and the subtle golden refinements distinguish the Venezia mailbox from other letter boxes.
The Venezia also has high level fucntionality with convenient comfort-depth which provides a lot of space for all of your post and newspapers.
The insertion format DIN C4 ensures effortless and undamaged delivery of larger envelopes.

The aluminium cast letter box conforms to the EN 13724.

Powerful aluminium cast

Due to the cast aluminium material, the letter box Venezia is especially hard-wearing and weather-proof. It easily resists all external factors ensuring that you have a letter box that you can put to use for many years to come.

Mounting tip for BURG-WACHTER letter boxes

For all letter boxes and their durability, BURG-WACHTER recommends mounting in a weather-protected area. For this, the fixings are already included.
Do not expose your letter box to permanent and direct weather, even though many models, just like the Venezia, are especially weather-proof. This way you will get the maximum lifespan from your postbox.

The Venezia Letterbox from BURG-WACHTER

  • Made of solid aluminium cast

  • Conforms to EN 13724

  • With Mediterranean flair

  • With comfort depth

  • A lot of space for a lot of post

  • Insertion format DIN C4   (W x H: 307 x 33 mm)

  • Measurements H x W x D: 390 x 417 x 170 mm

  • Fixings included